The Government Procurement Office was set up as per the Law No. (4) of 2020 regarding the establishment of the Department of Government Support. As stipulated in the article No. (5) of the law, the Department of Government Support aims to regulate government procurement and bids, setting the directives governing them, submitting them to the Executive Council for approval and supervision of Implementing them, and preparing reports on them according to the applicable legislation. The law stipulates the need to develop and operate an information technology platform for government procurement, and to strengthen partnerships with the private sector in order to enable and modernize the government support sector and increase efficiency and effectiveness, in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Key Functions and Mandate:

  • Lay down the regulatory and operational frameworks of the Government procurement and bids.
  • Provide the necessary training on the government procurement system.
  • Determine the goods and services to be purchased through centralized contracts and signing.
  • Develop a government procurement platform for central supplier registration, analyzing government spending, identifying sources of supply, and electronic procurement and tendering processes.
  • Planning, sourcing and implementing broad government agreements regarding common categories to be used by users.

Access the Abu Dhabi Government Procurement Gate at

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