As part of this HR-related priority, the Department of Government Support, represented by the Human Resources Authority – Abu Dhabi (HRA), aims to empower Emirati talent in the public and private sectors, modernize the HR management ecosystem and practices, and institutionalize a holistic learning and development ecosystem, in addition to transforming the Abu Dhabi government work culture and achieving a higher level of staff engagement. 

The Department of Government Support, represented by the Human Resources Authority – Abu Dhabi , is implementing a human resources plan and strategy to provide jobs for UAE citizens, which has resulted in securing jobs in different sectors for around 1,600 citizens, in addition to over 3,000 job opportunities in-process through specialized training programs which will lead to employment, contributing to equipping job seekers with the necessary skills to secure work.

Additionally, The Department has launched the “Workforce and Human Capital Planning Platform” which is another project supervised by the Human Resources Authority. This project targets the limiting of unemployment among UAE nationals in the future by aligning educational outcomes with the labor market needs in government entities and companies, as well as identifying the specializations and future need for skills over the next ten years. 

With this project, the Human Resources Authority – Abu Dhabi has created a unified platform with analytical capabilities to support Abu Dhabi's government workforce and human capital planning efforts, with plans to employ 3,000 UAE nationals by the end of the year, with work currently in-progress to finalize the project and add the necessary data provided by various sources, such as schools, universities, employers and retirement pension requirements.  

The Abu Dhabi Government Assessment Center is a further project that reflects the Department’ keenness to empower the UAE national workforce. Supervised by the Abu Dhabi School of Government (ADSG), one of the Department of Government Support entities, this project aims to provide professional and specialized training programs in cooperation with leading institutions around the world to empower the workforce and help create a public-sector experience that is both skilled and unique. 

The project was designed to strengthen the role of the Department of Governmental Support and help it deliver on its mission of developing human capital throughout the Abu Dhabi government. 
The Abu Dhabi School of Government contributes significantly in this area through several projects and initiatives that it has launched to develop human cadres in accordance with international standards. ADSG’s  approach is based on:

  • Setting a strategy and a framework for assessing the competencies and skills of Abu Dhabi government employees and building a comprehensive evaluation and development system based on the competency matrix of the Abu Dhabi Government, adopting evaluation methodologies for various purposes and levels. This is in addition to crafting an inclusive and unified evaluation database for the Abu Dhabi Government by creating a file for each candidate and employee which would include evaluation results and development and training plans to be pursued throughout their career in Government.
  • Developing programs and overseeing their implementation based on evaluation results and the needs and requirements of the labor market in terms of skills and competencies. The role of The Abu Dhabi School of Government is to reflect these results by designing and developing training programs and courses in line with Abu Dhabi's vision and with aims of promoting a culture of life-long learning among government employees, d ensuring the readiness of the workforce to keep up with future requirements.
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