When it comes to the government procurement sector, the Department of Government Support priorities include: increasing the efficiency and inclusivity of government procurement practices, and rationalizing government spending, in addition to enabling an effective transition to a digital procurement system.

A Government Procurement Strategy has been adopted recently with the aim of supporting development of the economic sector. This strategy is being implemented by the Department of Government Support to update and harmonize procurement practices and systems across Abu Dhabi government entities, as well as to improve and upgrade procurement mechanisms by developing and operating a common digital platform for government procurement, thereby contributing to streamlining procedures.

Work is currently underway to apply the strategy on government entities affiliated with the Department of Government Support and to commence training the first group of entities on its implementation. This will contribute to standardizing procurement practices and systems via the development of common standards and systems for all government entities. The strategy’s future direction is to link and integrate all government entities in Abu Dhabi via a common digital platform for government procurement.

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