The Department of Government Support aims to achieve excellence in providing digital government services. In line with this priority, which is part of the Digital Transformation sector, the Department strives to provide integrated, digitized government services to enhance the quality of life and boost business growth opportunities in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. The Department of Government Support also promotes innovation through digital transformation and strengthening cyber-resilience across the Abu Dhabi government. 

The ‘TAMM’ ecosystem is an example of the efforts made by the Abu Dhabi government to advance digital transformation in the UAE capital. Through close collaboration with all government entities, the platform uses the latest technologies and digital solutions to provide easy and convenient experiences for customers and provide citizens and residents with high quality and efficient digital government services through an integrated and safe digital platform.

The collective commitment has yielded outstanding results by focusing on the importance of providing world-class government experiences, all of which are led by innovation. In this context, an increasing number of services provided by Abu Dhabi government entities are being integrated into the ‘TAMM’ ecosystem. Abu Dhabi citizens and residents can now complete government service documentation with ease and convenience from their home or office through easy-to-use unified digital channels.

The ‘TAMM’ ecosystem’s digital features have also been enhanced through the recent launch of many services and initiatives, including “Abu Dhabi Pay”, which provides digital payment solutions for government service fees, and “Abu Dhabi Connect”, which provides more than 54 digital government documents to enable customers to complete transactions without the need for paperwork. These services and initiatives aim to improve the Abu Dhabi residents’ quality of life, enabling them to complete services with ease and convenience.

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